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About M. Delana Rost

Author, Mental healing trainer, interested in future topics and more A little about me: I have been working as a mental coach for many decades, because from childhood I have been interested in many questions of life, such as: What do thoughts do to us? And is matter really above mind? Can we change the world by means of our thoughts? Why are we here on earth, what tasks do we bring with us? What should we learn and how can we help our environment with this accumulated knowledge? And how can it be that single souls can move enormously much in your social class as well as your environment with your thoughts put down in writing and other souls nothing? In the last 40 years I have tried to explore all this again and again through the levels of thoughts in connection with interested people and customers. - With large companies and politicians, there is of course a financed strategy behind it. - But I mean extraordinary thoughts, which inspire also without money. - Only these can hold themselves durably and finally obtain change; while others are already forgotten after one year again. In the same way, properly focused thoughts can achieve change in matter as it happens with spiritual healing. Or not? My summary is: Yes, with thoughts of written, spoken, as well as mentally focused kind, changes can be produced. -However, this only works if a soul, a person is open and willing to learn something new. Since I was a child, I was already with all my soul to help others with all their problems, as much as possible. I must emphasize, I grew up in Germany, but I do not feel German, but rather as a citizen of this planet. This, as well as the basic attitude to have bought with the birth on this planet a task, I had apparently copied from the grandmother, which in the eyes of a small girl at that time always knew advice and could help. I realized early how valuable it can be to help others, if they had more time for me afterwards or beamed happily. This is what I wanted even as a six year old! And so I looked for solutions to everything that seemed wrong to me, like broken objects, a messy situation or helping sick people and animals. As a six year old in small things and finally in big things. Added to that was creativity, so I first did a down-to-earth apprenticeship in printing before jumping into the adventure of psychology along with my education. Finally, more than 20 years ago, I started my own business as a mental coach. During this time as a coach, I was allowed to get to know some extraordinary sides of the mental world as well as the shamanic way. Nowadays, I also deal with all topics related to nature, animals and the elements, as well as traveling with friends and family, along with the topic of the afterlife. And I am happy to share the experiences I gained, nowadays with almost 60 years, through Medium.

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